KALS Information Systems Limited

Even though technology and tools have grown in leaps and bounds, there always seems to be a barrier for providing proper remuneration to the skilled employees. At KALS Information Systems Limited, we believe that a professional who is paid well will be more satisfied and happier with the work environment. Most of the times people change jobs because they want a higher salary package. Sometimes, even if they get a good pay package, the work environment will not be conducive for learning and development. However, you don’t have to worry when you apply for a position with us because the KALS Information Systems Limited salary is at par with the best in the industry. Moreover, we don’t make false promises about various benefits and then take them away from our employees. In fact, we strive to create a conducive and comfortable environment at KALS Information Systems Limited, so that employees will feel happy and motivated to work here.
At KALS Information Systems Limited, we offer a wide range of software products and services for our clients. When a client purchases a product from us, they can be assured of receiving complete assistance in terms of setting up and deploying the software program. That’s why we prefer to go for employees who are not only experts in coding and software programming, but are also interested in learning the other facets of business and management
The software products offered at KALS Information Systems Limited, are Shine ERP software, document management software, Dac4Cast (Enterprise Strategic Planning & Management Reporting/Dashboard Software for Co-operative Banks) and CMSS (Consultant Management Sales System). We also provide software products such as La Vision (Order management system), virtual insure (Integrated Software for Life & General Insurers) and Aldon (Application Life Cycle Management Software)