Enterprise Strategic Planning & Management Reporting/Dashboard
Software for Co-operative Banks
Internationally Proven, Stable & Compliant to Banking Standards.
- Modules & Features
Enterprise Strategic Planning & Management Reporting/Dashboard Software for Co-operative Banks
1. Financial Data Warehouse of timed and accurate information specific to regulatory and financial
2. Automate capture and compilation of information for financial reporting
Aggressively cut reporting time frames.
Significantly cut error rates.
Ensure consistency in reporting.
3. Reports.
12 month P&L/BS including actuals plus forecasts compared to budget
Loan Managers/Deposit Managers reports.
KPI Reports.
Funding and Liquidity Reports.
4. Regulatory Returns
Automate regulatory return production
Export XBRL Files for regulatory returns (not sure if India uses XBRL for returns)
Audit trails
5. Dynamic Forecasting/Budgeting.
Static Budgets get out of date quickly.
Dynamic Forecasts include rate changes and new business plans.
Reports compare Actuals to Forecasts to Budgets.
Automate base forecasting process.
6. Scenarios
Duplicate 3-5 year business plan into a what if scenario
Stress test worst case scenarios
Movements in rates.
Liquidity crisis
Falling property prices.
Test marketing plans.
Fine tune a business plan by modelling it in Dac4cast.
Catch surprises before putting it to market.
Understand its full impact to capital, liquidity and margin.
Do full reporting against scenarios including KPIs, P&L/BS and regulatory return
7. Repricing
Calculate impact of rate changes to Term Deposit and Lending module
Capture repricing forecasts into dynamic forecasting process.
8. DashBoards
Balance Scorecards
Strategy Maps

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Technologies Applicable
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
UniVerse Database
Windows Server